About Us


For more than 25 years, International Medical Group (IMG) has provided global benefits and assistance services to millions of members in more than 170 countries. Through our iTravelInsured products, we help travelers like you protect their trip investment from the unexpected. iTravelInsured provides you Travel Protection Without Boundaries.
Our specially designed travel insurance plans, paired with our world-class non-insurance assistance services, help provide the coverage and confidence travelers need.

Rest assured that IMG is there with you, wherever your travels take you, providing worldwide coverage, multilingual capabilities, international claims specialists and access to 24-hour emergency assistance services.

What makes this policy different?

  1. It can be purchased after the final deposit payment and up to 24 hours before check in
  2. Everyone staying at the rental under the reservation would be insured
  3. Guests can increase their policy’s protection by adding flights, rental cars, and other travel expenses after the vacation rental reservation has been made

How do we help vacation rental managers and owners?

The vast majority of vacation rental managers and owners are not in a position to offer their guests travel insurance. Primarily this is because the insurance industry is heavily regulated and requires licensing in all 50 states. Pablow helps vacation rental owners and mangers looking to distribute insurance by being licensed in all 50 states, having distribution contracts with major insurers and continually developing industry-leading technology. We make these capabilities available to property managers, which enables them to better serve their guests and generates additional revenue for their vacation rental company from insurance sales.

Who is Pablow Inc.?

Pablow’s founders have been involved in the online travel industry for nearly two decades. They’ve created innovative and award winning travel and tourism websites in the US, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Five years ago the team entered the travel insurance industry by offering problem-solving car rental insurance in partnership with Allianz Global Assistance. The same innovative and problem solving approach we used in the car rental industry is being applied to the vacation rental market, ensuring our product offerings are customer driven and solving genuine problems of travelers and property mangers.